Madden 25 Official EA Roster Updates (Xbox 360)


I’ll keep this post updated with the newest official EA roster updates for Xbox 360 as they come out throughout the season. These will always be untouched by me and exactly as they come from EA on XBL. 

Currently the most recent roster update is: 10/10/2013

The IDs in the file(s) will always be zeroed out, you MUST rehash/resign them with your appropriate Device and Profile IDs before using or they WILL NOT work.

Madden-IDsHow To Use:

1) Open file In Horizon/Modio Or Similar App

2) Replace ID’s With Your’s

3) Rehash And Resign

4) Place File In Hdd1ContentE000000000000000454109C10000001–>Here<–


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MrClip26Madden 25 Official EA Roster Updates (Xbox 360)